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Dear Guest Living in Alanya

Because of the events that have occurred in the past letsgototurkey is aware of the concerns of which the foreigners may have while giving their address in case of the emergency. In order to solve this problem, we have started a brand new system by giving a special code number for your own address. After answering a few questions, will be just beside you in a few minutes in any case you need medical assistance. This service is provided for letsgototurkey customers with the cooperation of Baskent University Hospital – Alanya. Registeration is completely free. Simply fill the form below and mail or fax to our office, We will do the registration work for you and in case of any emergency situation during your time in the resort, all you have to do is call the phone number below and tell your code number which will be given to you after registration. The ambulance or needed assistance will find your address through your code number and they will arrive in a few minutes. After you fill out the form and submit them, please remember that you must come to the office along with your health insurance documents and take your code number in person. Until these documents are received, you will not be recognized by the hospital code system.


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