Mortgages for Oversea Property Buying in Turkey

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Secure a mortgage on your Turkish Property

Now 0% interest available for 36 months, and very advantageous rates for longer periods !

Turkey is one of the most appealing destinations in the Mediterranean Coast with its nature, climate and history. Buying a house in Turkey will not only be an enjoying experience for you, but it also is a great investment. Because of the fact that Turkey is an emerging property market, the country offers reasonable prices for overseas buyers. And the banks which have been aware of the customers from abroad, they have already improved their procedures in order to provide mortgages for the foreign buyers. 

Some of the banks provide mortgages as %50 of the property appraiser value, some up to %75, and the loans can be extended to 120 months according to the Customers' needs. The interest rate is changeable but approximately 7% annual for Euro Currency.

Please feel free to contact us to have detailed information on how to apply, which documents are needed for property mortgages in Turkey.

Recently upon the agreement we have made with a bank we are able to provide for LGT properties as;

Monthly 0 interest rate for 36 months, as sample if € 60.000 taken – € 60.000 will be paid back in the end of the 36 months ( total rate paid back is 0 % )

Monthly 0.22 % rate for 48 months, as sample if € 60.000 taken – € 63.295 will be paid back in the end of the 48 months ( total rate paid back is 5.5% )

Monthly 0.26 % rate for 60 months, as sample if € 60.000 taken – € 64.900 will be paid back in the end of 60 months, ( total rate paid back is 8.14 % )

The title deed will be immediately given to the buyer (s), with the mortgage of the bank, until the debt is paid back. So it will be fully secured by the bank.

IMPORTANT NOTICE : The rates may slightly be different positive or negative according to the market conditions at the time of application.

Any time after the mortgage is taken, the debt can be paid back to save paying the rest of the interest. For detailed information, please feel free to contact us 

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