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Konakli Town is located 10km west of the world famous holiday resort Alanya - Turkey, in between the crystal clear Mediterranean Sea on the South & Taurus Range Mountains which are covered with luscious smelling pine trees on the North, which we can say are the natural borders of the town. The beaches in Konakli are stretching for 10kms but there are more beaches where you can enjoy the neighboring town’s coastline, in total they are 72 km.

This is an excellent new town where the sea and the mountains are so near to each other, it is possible to enjoy the mountain view while sunbathing on the beach, with the horizon of the Taurus Mountains, you will be delighted with the superb ocean and sunset view.

The most important advantage of this town, in comparison to the other ones near to Alanya and Antalya is that the D-400 highway is passing far enough away from the beach, that is why the large part of the Konakli is on the beach side where you and your children can enjoy the beach front location, and not have to worry about crossing a busy road to reach the beach. As we all know, this has always been a main requirement and the most important feature when we are choosing a location. This beach side of Konakli town is under the building regulations of the Tourism ministry and the Konakli municipality, there are strict building regulations to adhere to, and no high rise properties are permitted.

Konakli municipality is aware of the beauty of the town and they are very committed to keep it this way, they have already built a waste water treatment/cleaning project which was completed in June 2007, this will keep the sea and the environment clean forever.

Konakli is very attractive town with 29.000 inhabitants, you can find every facility that you are looking for in a holiday resort, but besides that you will always have chance to visit daily veg & fruit markets which settle on the streets 3 days a week. At these markets you can purchase the fresh and crisp vegetables, the juicy fruits which were just picked from the fields of Konakli same day or the day before, because still 50% of the population’s income is from agriculture. It will not be wrong if we say the rest of the income in Konakli - Alanya is based on tourism because there are 40.000 bed capacities in the surrounding 4 and 5 star hotels which is the highest in Antalya region. There are about 100 restaurants, café bars and about 250 shops to meet all your needs. The people who are working in these areas generally speak at least 2 languages each; English which is the most common language in order that European citizens don’t feel like a foreigner in the town.

Konakli is one of the best examples of the cosmopolitan mixture of the European people within the Turkish community where they have created an excellent relationship. In Konakli the locals already have welcomed their new European and Scandinavian neighbors who have purchased their 2nd properties here.
The foreign people who are interested to invest in Konakli are from Denmark, Norway, UK, Holland and Finland that is why the town is not a one country resort like some other towns.
In the winter season Konakli is very popular with its warm temperature, which averages 15 degrees from December to March, it was spotted by the locals in December the temperature reached to 23 degrees in average.
In 2008 the average number of the sunny days was 300, which is another reason if you are looking to buy a 2nd property to invest or to use as a holiday home. The perfect place under the sun, offering all year round holiday season.
Human nature would always direct us to choose to be at the beach front, near to the mountains with superb views, to be near to all the facilities that we need but to be far away enough from the noise and the concrete jungle. This is usually a difficult requirement to fulfill; you can get all these as a package in Konakli - Alanya. Konakli stands out as a place that enables to offer you your dream.

Summer season is 15th of April – 31th of November, which is also one of the longest in Turkey, with average sea temperature of 26 degrees. Imagine almost 6 months a year; you are sure that all you must take is sunglasses, shorts and flip-flops without needing to check the forecast. Imagine in May and June while you are sunbathing at the beach you can enjoy to look at the snow on the peaks of Taurus. Imagine you can swim, play golf and ski all in one day in some months.

Konakli is 48 km to new GAZIPASA AIRPORT which is opening in 2009 and 4 km to the new Alanya yacht marina, 1 hr from 14 PGA golf courses, 2 hr from 2 ski centers, the surrounding facilities/activities are scuba diving, river rafting, jeep safari, sea fishing, trekking, cycling on the pine forests, boat trips, water sports, very near to ancients cities for the ones who are interested in history.

In Konakli - Alanya there is something for every one, a perfect place for families, for couples and for retirement, and probably Konakli is one of the best 4 seasons resorts not only in Turkey but also in the world.

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