Inspection Trips to Turkey for Homes Overseas

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Inspection trips to Turkey - Abroad Properties

Decision Period of choosing which Real Estate Company to go for:

Buying a property in abroad is an important step, but once the decision is taken, it is easy to find the right area and the right property as long as you deal with professionals. Our company is one of the leading agents in the area, and have developed and sold thousands of properties in the region, since 2003. We have a carefully chosen, large portfolio from resale apartments to brand new and off plan properties.

Inspection trips are useful for you if you almost decide where (within a city border) and which company you buy your holiday property through, upon a pre-search on the basis of the area facilities, property portfolios or references.

It is important to communicate with an agent prior to filling the forms online and booking an inspection trip, because the agent may not have an appropriate property for your needs, and you may not have chance to see other agent’s portfolios. Some of the companies apply strict conditions as not paying the costs if you meet with other agents during your inspection trip. ( Of course not in our solution ) Instead of just booking with an agent, you should get in touch with different agents to enable them understanding your needs, your budget for a second home, and accordingly let them prepare files to you within your requests. You will also be experiencing the communication ability and the energy of the possible agents which you will join to an inspection trip.

The real estate agents have different methods of providing inspection trips. Some of them provides very cheap flight tickets and accommodations to gain the attention (lower than the value, and they pay some of it) thinking of balancing the costs from the commissions earned. In that case, naturally the sales team may feel the pressure which may result in pushing the customer. Our approach is; at the stage of the sale, we want you to feel comfortable so that you will be choosing the best suitable property according to your requirements. Why does it matter for us? Because, a sale for us is not the end of our duty to a customer, just opposite, it is a beginning. The happier you are with your purchase, you will naturally advertise our beautiful country Turkey, and also our company. Knowing all those things, here is our offer for inspection trips to buy a property in Turkey.

We “can not” provide a trip for 99 euro full inclusive!

According to us, the ethical solution is to arrange the viewing trips in a format that you will feel comfortable in any stage while with us.

Step 1 : Flight Tickets – We can assist you to purchase the best flights available according to your preferred viewing dates. In the end if you decide to buy with our company, up to € 300 per person (maximum 2 people) the ticket cost will be deducted from the purchase price.

Step 2 : Airport Transfers – We can arrange the incoming and outgoing private transfers at a cost which is also stated in our web page, which will be deducted from the purchase price.

Step 3 : Accommodation – As we have been one of the market leaders, we can get good deals in the suitable hotels. The hotel prices also vary according to season, therefore we would like to inform you about the prices and the availabilities according to your arrival date. Alternatively, our company also have beautiful apartments for rent with sea view and pool, walking distance to the beach, where we can accommodate you with discounted prices. In the end this cost will also be deducted from the buying price if you decide to purchase with our company.

Itenary :

We do not have a fixed programme, as we approach all our customers in a manner of empathy. Prior to your visit, depending on the days you will stay, the weather conditions, and the number of the properties we plan together, we will make our programme. This will provide you a chance to see, to feel the area and the social, cultural and historical background of the town, where to eat, where to shop etc. A Turkish bath session after a tiring day would be a good option for example. If we have enough time, we also prefer to leave you alone so you can explore where you are thinking of buying a property.

In summary;

  • Assisting in flight booking
  • Round Transfers the airports
  • Accommodation booking in a hotel or an apartment
  • Sight seeing
  • Property viewings
  • Break for exploring on your own

If decision is given to buy a property with us, assisting you to start the legal procedures which takes only a few hours:

  • Visiting the notary office to have your power of attorney prepared by an English speaking sworn translator to make all the paperwork ready on your behalf while you are in your country.
  • After we get your tax number from the Turkish tax office, we visit a bank to open you a bank account which will make your money transfers easier and order the direct debit payments (includes internet banking)

In such a short time all the documents will be ready to register the property on your name so now it is time to take care of your furniture purchase and other required shopping for your new home with our post- sale service staff, simply leave the rest to us. (Insuring your property and ordering the date of your furniture to be delivered etc.)


If you prefer to arrange everything on your own, you can book a holiday package or the flights to the related resort and just call us to request an appointment. Our sales team will be ready to pick you up from your accommodation at the appointment time. You still can ask us to arrange a sightseeing to know more about the local amenities.

If you already booked your holiday to any of the resorts that we are based around, you can also contact to us and meet with us to take advantage of the above services.

We prefer to book the appointment in at least 7 days before your arrival; however, letsgototurkey sales and service team will always be ready for the service in a short notice. If requested, it will be taken seriously and we will ensure to book an appointment for you.

As a company policy, customers who purchase from letsgototurkey but book the inspection trip on their own, to help their cost to some extent, we will deduct the cost of their flight tickets from their 1st payment.

Please check the useful link below for available flights, 

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